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Land management and wildfire are closely related. Ranching, farming, timber and logging operations, species management, and development can impact wildfire risk. As a public or private land manager, you can help create Fire Adapted Communities.

  • Do a risk assessment, fire management plan, or forest action plan to address wildfire risk on the land you manage, and share that information with local suppression authorities and in the local Community Wildfire Protection Plan (CWPP)
  • Talk to other land managers in the community to gain mutual understanding of land uses and management goals and strategies
  • Know the economic factors of your community’s land uses, and how wildfire damages will affect the market
  • Understand local and state protocols for prescribed fire
  • Inform fire departments about when fires can be left to burn for the natural cycle 
  • Understand existing comprehensive planning, zoning ordinances, urban/suburban park, and recreation land planning and urban forest initiatives
  • Determine expectations of out-of-state land managers and their understanding of local risks and resources

Success story: Collaborative Vegetation Management on Private Lands

Prescribed fire is an important land management tool on the Lakes Wales Ridge.

The North Central Texas Prescribed Burn Association represents 10 Texas counties. The association advocates for the safe and responsible use of prescribed burning as a part of range and scrub fuels management, which has risk reduction advantages for property owners as well as benefits for local wildlife, livestock, and native habitats. Association members receive burn school training, burn schedule calendar coordination, equipment inventory to coordinate support, an interactive map with a membership roster to help connect neighbors, links to relevant websites (such as weather services), and contact information for officials. 

This neighbor- helping-neighbor cooperative provides the resources, education, encouragement, and empowerment that property owners need to use prescribed fire on a sustained basis. The association was formed in 2008 and became a member of the Texas Alliance of Prescribed Burn Associations in 2011.

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Photo credit: North Central Texas Prescribed Burn Association

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