Communities in wildfire prone areas are learning what it takes to be fully prepared for wildland fire. A Fire Adapted Community incorporates people, buildings, businesses, infrastructure, cultural resources, and natural areas into the effort to prepare for the effects of wildland fire. This website offers information and specific actions you can take, no matter what your role, to reduce your risk to the next wildfire. Do your part to protect your community today!

The 411 on Fire Adapted Communities

  • Attend free Wildfire Preparedness Day virtual workshop

    Virtually attend next week’s interactive Wildfire Community Preparedness Day’s Workshop and get ideas on how you can organize neighbors, a community group or the people you work with in creating an activity that reduces local wildfire risks and concerns. The live workshop happens Thursday, March 12 at 10am in the...

  • Seven days left to apply for a $500 Wildfire Community Preparedness Day Project Funding Award

    Activities of all types that increase wildfire awareness, improve risk factors, or post-fire impacts and implemented on the second annual national Wildfire Community Preparedness Day, May 2, 2015, are eligible to receive one of sixty-five $500 project funding awards. The deadline to apply is Thursday, March 5 and applications must...

Are you at risk?

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