Communities in wildfire prone areas are learning what it takes to be fully prepared for wildland fire. A Fire Adapted Community incorporates people, buildings, businesses, infrastructure, cultural resources, and natural areas into the effort to prepare for the effects of wildland fire. This website offers information and specific actions you can take, no matter what your role, to reduce your risk to the next wildfire. Do your part to protect your community today!

The 411 on Fire Adapted Communities

  • Men’s Journal article dives into the U.S wildfire problem

    In its August issue, just out on newsstands, Men’s Journal magazine highlights America’s wildfire problem and what the country is trying to do to tackle this growing crisis. Author David H. Freedman, in his article titled, “America is Burning,” examines the many different aspects of the fire problem including climate...

  • Highlights from the FAC Reference Guide: Collaboration and Outreach

    We continue to promote the contents of the, “Guide to Fire Adapted Communities,” and the additional resources and expertise of the various Fire Adapted Community Coalition members. The guide’s “collaboration and outreach” section speaks to the importance of this in a Fire Adapted Community, creating a strong local team, and...

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