Communities in wildfire prone areas are learning what it takes to be fully prepared for wildland fire. A Fire Adapted Community incorporates people, buildings, businesses, infrastructure, cultural resources, and natural areas into the effort to prepare for the effects of wildland fire. This website offers information and specific actions you can take, no matter what your role, to reduce your risk to the next wildfire. Do your part to protect your community today!

The 411 on Fire Adapted Communities

  • 86 Wildfires last weekend in Arkansas

    Images of languid late summer heat often come to mind when thinking about wildfires but this past weekend showed that fire risk is a year-round focus, especially in the South. Fires in Arkansas and Oklahoma have been in the news this week, with Arkansas seeing 86 wildfires burn 1,322 acres...

  • Anniversary of Australia's Black Tuesday Bushfire marked

    Early January marked the 10th anniversary of the “Black Tuesday” bushfires in Southern Australia. On 5 January 2005, a fire started by a faulty car exhaust ignited roadside vegetation in the Lower Eyre Peninsula, along the coast west of Adelaide, Australia. Winds over 55mph drove flames over 16 miles of...

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